Working With Clay

This afternoon the clay table was very busy. It was fun to see how ideas bounced around as children were influenced and inspired by each other. Often we save clay pieces by letting them dry in the sun, but we have found that it's often better to be able to use the clay over and over, which means that we "save" them by taking pictures and talking about what we are making as we explore. Here's just a small picture of some of the work with and thoughts about the clay from this afternoon.

Peter: It's an "eight"

Bella: It's a shell. Like the shells I saw at the beach, o'course. In Brasil.

Thora: It's a snow man named Sany. Sany likes to roll in the snow.

Georgia: This is my snowman named Pokey. Pokey likes walking to the beach. And he likes berries. And what else? He likes taking his nose off! And also he really likes polka dots.

James worked a very long time on this collection of eggs. Finally he said it was ready for the picture. James: They are easter bunny eggs. (He then carefully counted them). 14 eggs! The big one is about to hatch. The rest will hatch soon. This one just got laid. It's so teeny!

Lahae: I made my mama!

Luke: a snowman. Quick take the picture before I squish him! Also eggs and a pot

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