Work Day Projects Put to Use

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Includes: Monday & Tuesday, Morning & Afternoon Videos.

Both the morning and afternoon class were so excited to find the newly installed balance pathway as they entered the woods after the weekend. This project was completed during Saturday’s work day. As some members of the morning class crossed, they explained to me that the ground was lava! Because of the lava, they had to stay on the balance pathway or else their boots would burn. Other members of the morning class told me that all along the balance pathway were baby crocodiles, baby alligators, and baby sharks. They explained that if they fell off the path the animals would get their feet. One of the afternoon class members quickly pointed out that the balance pathway is like a parkour course! No matter what the pathway is called, or how it is used, it is helping our kids develop their physical skills. They are building their balance and coordination in a fun, playful, and imaginative way.

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