“We’re Going to the Pink Beach”


This interaction took place today, down at the fort, on the bouncy tree.

Grace: Get on, we’re going to the beach. I’m driving a bus.

*Peter, Bella, and I climb on*

Bethany: Okay I’m on. Where are we going?

Grace: The pink beach.

Bethany: Awesome! I love the pink beach! What about the green beach? Can we go there too?

Grace: No, it’s closed.

Bethany: Why is it closed?

Grace: It has dinosaurs.

Peter: Oh I like dinosaurs! Drop me off there!

Bethany: Okay Grace, drop Peter off at the green beach.

Peter: I can turn into a dinosaur.

Bethany: What type of dinosaur?

Peter: A tyrannosaurus Rex!

Grace: Okay we’re at the green beach, get off.

Bethany: What about the dinosaurs?

Grace: I kicked them out with my booties!

Peter: Booty! That’s another word for bottom!

*Peter and Grace burst into giggles*

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