Unlocking a New Skill

After spending almost three years in this particular section of these woods with children, I might have said that there was nothing new to discover, but of course that isn't true. Today a group of children discovered a new way to climb between two trees that I would say have not gotten any attention in the past. They stand close together right beside the creek but unlike so many of the trees that the children climb, they are both straight and offer no low branches. So how could they be climbed? Luke discovered how today and once he did it, it was amazing to see how the other children around him learned from him.

Luke compared it to climbing a door way (something that Felix later said she had "seen one girl do one time") and the children had to use all of their strength to support themselves with their hands as they moved upwards.

Kingston quickly caught on!

James also gave it a try and did quite well!

Harper watched and really wanted to try. At first she was very hesitant, voicing her doubt about it as it was something she'd never done before. But when she tried, she found that she was very good at it, and was quite excited to try it over and over again (and to ask for a picture as proof!). Later when Felix heard us talking about this cool new activity, Harper brought Felix to this space and showed her how to do it. She talked her through it and encouraged her as she tried (sorry, I didn't get a picture of Felix). It's so great seeing new discoveries and new skills learned and taught child to child.

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