The Wild Car Ride


Today, while on an adventure down by the fort, Grace climbed a well-known bouncy tree branch and took me on a car ride.

She said,

”I’m going in my car.

It’s fast!

Look it’s fast!

I’m in my car.

Get in my car.

(I climbed on the bouncy branch with Grace) We’re going to the park! We’re here!

We’re at the store.

Let’s go!

We need some milkshakes and candy.

(Snow started falling from trees overhead)

This is the snowfall store, we can’t go to this store.

Where’s our car?

It’s here! It’s here!

(Grace made three attempts to climb back on the bouncy tree branch before getting to the exact spot she wanted. ) I did it!

Get on the car!

The cars are going past us.

You want a song on?

(I respond “yes”)

Sing it!

(I said ”you sing it”)

Sing Let It Go!

(Grace started singing Let It Go)

We’re here! We’re at the park.

Get out the car!

Where are the kids?”

(Grace took a break from our ride to play with Evelyn and Bella)

A bit later Grace instructed Ms. Marcela, Georgia, and me to climb back onto her car. As I started to gently bounce and shake the branch, Grace yelled,

”It’s an elephant! It’s in the trunk!

stop it elephant!

Oh it’s just a mama lion and baby lion.

You want a song on?”

(Grace sang a song to everyone riding in the car).

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