Story Time with Evelyn


Last week at Wild Woods, Evelyn noticed I had my notebook out and that I was writing in it. She walked over and asked me, “Can you write this down for me?” I responded, “Sure thing!” And this is how it went:

“Once upon a time, this is my dream. I had a dream that I was a warrior. A warrior is a person who fights millions of soldiers. He cuts ropes. He was the greatest and famous-est guy. The sea god thought he was being rude because he didn’t let anyone be his sidekick. The sea god placed warrior Vincen up in the sky as a constellation so everyone can remember how great he was. But he was rude. He didn’t say “excuse me” when he burped. And when his mother said, “Take out the garbage, please, Vincen.” and he said, “No mother, I don’t want to.” His mother got mad and put him in timeout for a whole year. But they fed him and let him sleep. Then he thought, “hmm, this will do” because his brother offered him a job. And his brother was named Gengo, Geko for short. The end.”

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