Stories with Louisa


Today I spent some time telling stories during snack time. After I finished one of mine, Louisa treated us to a story about Honeymoon the Mermaid. The story was completely her own and she carried it out from start to finish. It goes.. "There once was a mermaid named Honeymoon. She lived in the sea and loved her friends. One day, Honeymoon's friends were hungry so she went to the store to get them snacks. But, guess what? All of the mermaid snacks were sold out. So, Honeymoon decided she would go out searching for mermaid snacks and find them herself. She knew she had to find the right snacks, because of course you know mermaids don't like salt. First Honeymoon found snacks in the green bag, but they had salt, so she couldn't get them for her friends. Then she found snacks in the red bags, and they did not have salt, so she got them for her friends and they lived happily every after. Oh, were you wondering how she carried all of the snacks for her friends? First she had to go to the cave and get a purple bucket with a yellow handle and that what she used to carry the snacks."

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