Rain, Rain, Come and Play

10/19/2020 It was a wet and wonderful day in The Wild Woods! Over the past few weeks we've had tons of fun watching our surroundings change with the seasons - but today's weather offered another way for us to experience change in our woods! The rain brought us higher creek levels, slipperier leaves, and muddier hills! I have to admit, these changes to the woods are just as much a gift to me as they are to the children, as I'm experiencing these changes right alongside them with my first fall the Wild Woods! The creek got a significant amount of attention today. With higher water levels the children were eager to race leaves through the quick-moving water, drop large rocks to create splashes, and just generally place their hands, feet, and body in the water. The changes in the water also facilitated the creation of new games like leaf racing, throwing a ball between a group of children standing on the bridge and a group in the water, and biggest splash contests. One of the very fun conversations of the day surrounded how to get the most splash for your rock throw. After throwing many rocks into the creek, the children came to the realization that if the small part of the rock hits the water first, it is likely to make a smaller splash. Whereas if the big (flat) part of the rock hits the water first, it is likely to make a BIG splash! It seemed as though a lot of fun was had putting this theory to the test.

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