PM Class Zipline

Throughout the week, Peter has been working on creating a zip line. When he came into the Wild Woods today, he found the rope that he had been using was tangled and looped through multiple trees. So, before he could continue working on the zipline, he had to untangle the rope. Peter demonstrated great patience while completing this task.

Next, he worked on tying the ropes to two trees, one of the top of the hill and one at the bottom of the hill. Once he got them attached, he added one of the mud-kitchen items, a pitcher, to the rope and sent it down the zip line. The zip line started to gain the attention of other kids, and Peter made sure everyone got a turn!

The challenge then became bringing the pitcher back to the top of the hill. While a teacher helped for a little while, a solution was eventually found that allowed the kids to pull the pitcher back up themselves!

The new rope attachment slowed the zip line down a bit, but Peter exclaimed, “it doesn’t need to go all the way! It’s okay if it stops before the bottom. I just like seeing it go some of the way, and being able to pull it back up!”

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