PM Class Testing Limits on a New Obstacle

Over the winter break some of the trees in the Wild Woods had to be taken down. One of the larger trees in the Pavilion area left behind a tall stump that many children saw as a new climbing opportunity! While some of the children were able to pull themselves up, other struggled to get up on top. Together, we created a staircase that allowed all of the children to access the stump. Once each child reached the top, the question became, “What next?” Some children lept from the top, some climbed down the same way then went up, and others turned the stump into a slide! If one of the children was unsure of how to get down, their friends helped them problem solve and find a way down that felt safe and comfortable. This new activity also provided an opportunity for the children to practice patience and turn taking, as there was only space for one child to be on the stump at a time.

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