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PM class: climbing the "creepy finger tree"

One of my favorite aspects of working with children at the Wild Woods is seeing how they create relationships with the spaces that we play in. They often name areas of the woods and then the teachers see what happens to the names- some take off and even get passed on from group to group- thus lots of children have heard of "the boneyard" (an area of the woods named by a child in 2020).

On this warm winter afternoon we had an unusually small class (just four children) and they stayed together all afternoon, making group decisions about where to play. At one point Fiona suggested that they go to the "Wilder Woods" to climb trees. Once there they found lot of options for climbing, including a relatively newly felled tree that Charlie noted looked like it had "creepy fingers" at the end. Will this name for the tree stick? Who knows, but it will be fun to see!

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