PM Class Bella the Pilot

Bella encouraged me to hop on her ship. She asked me where I wanted to go, and I responded, “the moon!” She clarified that this was not a spaceship, but a plane. She asked again where I wanted to go and provided me the example of Florida. I said, “Ok Bella, let’s go to Texas!” While I waited, Bella prepared the ship. She sourced berries to use as engine fuel, and after she collected enough berries she told me we were ready to take off. Before blastoff, Bella made sure I was safe and buckled me in with a seatbelt. As we took off, Bella yelled, “three, two, one, blast off!“ As soon as we took off, Bella turned the plane around and announced “we’re back where we started! We forgot some thing, I need a cup!” Once Bella obtained the cup, we were ready for blastoff again. As we took to the skies Bella worked the planes flight system, she pushed buttons and created patterns up at the front of the plane. When we landed Bella yelled “we’re here!” Before I got off the plane, Bella had to scan my ticket on my phone and made me sign a waiver so that I would be safe. Thankfully my ticket cleared and I was allowed to deboard!

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