PM Art Day

Wednesday afternoon, the children were able to explore creating snowflakes using glue, salt and watercolor paint. First, the children were able to look at pictures of real snowflakes close up. Each snowflake is unique, just like each of their creations will be. The first step is to create a design using glue. The trick is to not use too much or else the glue will run off the page. Next sprinkle salt to cover the glue, and shake off the excess. The salt will create the sparkle without using glitter, a natural alternative to glitter! Next the children were able to add color as desired. The key is to have the watercolor paint pretty wet and gently dab with the brush, otherwise it will wipe off the glue. At home you can also wait until the glue dries Some children decided to create other pictures and designs.

As the glue and paint dries, some of the salt will fall off. We placed some of the wetter ones in the shed to dry overnight, hopefully they dry with all the rain we had Thursday.

NOTE: I also sent home blank wood hearts that we decorated in class a few weeks back to the children who were not in class or who did not have time to work on them in class. Experiment with markers, crayons and paint!

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