Max’s Ice Cream Shop


From a spot near the fort, I started to hear, “Ice cream! Ice cream! Who wants ice cream? Ice cream for sale!” When I walked over, Max offered to make me an ice cream cone. My request was vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.

While he prepared the ice cream, I asked him to explain the process: ”First you take some powder and water and mix them together. Then you rub them on this board. Then you roll them in your hands. Then you have your ice cream!”

When I tried my ice cream, I told Max it was delicious, and that I found it so interesting that my vanilla tasted a little bit like chocolate. He assured me, “That’s how you know it’s the good stuff!”

I stuck close to watch how some of the other children interacted with the ice cream shop. It seemed that there were many satisfied customers! Max had some truly unique flavors, including Campfire (“chocolate mixed with vanilla smashed up with peanut butter milkshake and marshmallows on top”), rainbow, and snowman turkey hot chocolate!

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