Luke's Fern Protection Structure

This week we have started noticing the plants are coming back to life. Luke discovered some ferns that were starting to unfurl and excitedly brought them to my attention. He seemed charmed by the shape and showed them to many children as they passed by. Then, perhaps inspired by the structures that Pat built this week to protect our newly planted paw-paw trees from too much sun, he said he wanted to build something to protect the baby ferns from being trampled on. What followed was a two hour long project where he sourced the right kind of sticks (the right length, and somewhat pointed on one end) and a big piece of a stump (which became the hammer to pound in the sticks). He gathered all these pieces together and told me that he had all the things he needed to build the fern protection.

The ferns that Luke wanted to protect.

Using “the hammer” to pound in the supporting posts.

Getting help from other children.

The first draft of the structure. Later, Luke returned to find the top piece had fallen. He ended up changing the design slightly, opting for one with “sides but not a top”.

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