Luke and Astrid exploring the creek bank

On Thursday afternoon, I was sitting on the bridge and noticed Luke exploring a seldom-explored section of the creek bank. There are some roots that hang out over the creek, and he had found a way to use them as he worked his way along side the creek, about three feet up in the air. After successfully navigating his way through this maze, he came back and did it again, a few times.

Soon Astrid joined and watched Luke. Astrid comes to the Wildwoods only once a week (with her mom, Rachel, who teaches our art classes) and she doesn't have as much experience with the space. She watched Luke for a while, and then decided that she wanted to try.

As Astrid climbed, she realized that she was having a lot of trouble, and that it did not feel comfortable to her. She asked me how Luke did it. I asked Luke if he would show her, and he did, very clearly saying "you hold on here, then move your foot down here" but it was hard for her to follow his directions fast enough. She continued to say that it was "hard" and that it was "scary". Then she came back to sit next to me again. I asked her how it felt to try it. She said that "it was too tricky" for her. "Maybe later" she said. She didn't seem frustrated, but rather quite clearly in touch with her own level of comfort with risk and what she wanted to push herself to do. "Maybe later" is a fine answer.

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