Learn About Rainbows

Ms. Rachel recently brought a set of paint markers to the woods. The children enjoyed using them to decorate our Wild Woods structures. Seeing how much fun the kids were having, I joined in and started painting a rainbow. Felix instantly recognized what I was drawing and asked if she could help. I stepped away while Felix worked, but then came back to an amazing creation. Felix created a computer that teaches students about rainbows. If you’re looking at the picture above, under the right hand on the smaller part of the stump is the keyboard, the larger part of the stump is the screen. Felix showed the students how to ask the computer about rainbows and when they pushed the right buttons, the computer started to talk (Felix hid behind the stump and spoke as the computer)!


James, “How are rainbows made?”

Computer (Felix): “Rainbows are made by first there’s mist then sunshine shines and that’s how rainbows are made. So after a rainstorm remember to get your phones out and take pictures of rainbows. Thank you very much, bye!”

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