Is it a Stick, or is it a …

Sticks are one of our favorite Play items in the Wild Woods! To give you context for how sticks are thought of in the forest school world, I pulled this excerpt from a forest school blog.

Sticks are a great example of a “loose part,” something that doesn’t come with an instruction manual and can be used alone or combined with other items. Sticks encourage free play and using the imagination. No two times spent playing with a stick are ever quite the same.”

I want to share some of the ways that sticks were used in the Wild Woods today!

Atsuya introduced his hammer to me, and showed me how to use the hammer to put things together. After he finished with the hammer, Lizzy picked it up and started using it as a hammer too!

Throughout the day, Atsuya also showed me his “saw”, “wand”, & walking stick.

Leo shared that his stick was an ice blaster, and that it froze people into ice cubes! He got me for a while, and I was so frozen that I couldn’t even move. Thankfully he came back around with a new blaster that unfroze me 😋.

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