How does it feel to take a risk?

Thursday afternoon was filled with exciting adventures. One began partially as a conversation about risk taking. Immi often climbs up high in trees ,and then voices her feeling by saying something like "I am going to die!". On this occasion, when she did this, Bethany encouraged her to think of another way to explain how she was feeling. She countered with "I am so scared!" I then asked her if she liked being scared. Nearby, other children answered first, with Elena saying "I like being scared if it's an adventure". Evelyn answered that she "likes being scared if there is a puzzle to figure out". Immi then seemed to think about her answer but stuck with her position, (that being the highest up in the tree) and said, "not me! I'm scared of heights!"

Elena then made a fun discovery by jumping out of the tree they were all climbing, and as she jumped, she grabbed two young branches that swayed with her- creating the feeling of parachuting. This immediately became a thing to do- the children all lined up to take their turn jumping off and grabbing those same branches over and over (until predictably, one of the branches broke).

In this video you can watch Immi take her turn, as children near by encourage her. Then you can hear her prolonged screams of delight/fear long after she has jumped, as she runs a long lap around the woods, screaming.

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