Grace's inner thoughts

This afternoon in the Wild Woods, Grace was playing by herself in the creek bed. A very large log that was resting against the bank caught her eye. She then started excitedly talking (out loud, to no one in particular, although perhaps she noticed that I had a notebook)

Grace: I need this log! Can I carry it? Can I pick it up (she found that with great effort, she was able to pick it up, even though it was bigger than her, and looked quite heavy) She continued, "Oh Gosh, I can pick it up! Now I need to wash it. Oh gosh, this log is so big! I have to wash it all". She then moved the log about six feet, and laid it down in the water to carefully wash each section of it. As she worked, she sang a little tune, "Ding, ding, ding I have to wash this off. It's for my house!" she then moved on to an even bigger log, seeming to challenge herself to try to move it as well.

These small moments, when children are given the space and time to experiment with nature are what make this such a wonderful place to be together.

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