Elena makes her mark without hurting the trees

Today Elena spent a long time sitting at the top of the hill thinking about and talking about trees. She seemed a bit upset by the idea of anyone cutting down a tree, and we talked about why that happens. She then began talking about how sad it makes her to see people's names carved into trees. A bit later, I noticed that she had discovered a way to write on the trees- with berries. These berries grow all over the Wild Woods, but at this point in the winter, quite a few have been eaten or fallen off. She had to journey all over this hill top to find enough berries to write her name- a berry for each section of each letter. I was impressed by her dedication to this project- it took quite a while. When she was done, she asked me to take a picture. I asked her if she thought her name would remain there. She replied that she thought the rain might eventually wash it off, but that she had chosen to write her name on the "backside" of the tree where it might be more protected from the rain.

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