Dramatic play in the Wild Woods- where sticks are anything and everything

As we have settled in to our four days a week program, the children are really getting to understand each other and seem to know who to seek out when they want to play a certain way. This afternoon Kahlan and Grant engaged in a long session of imaginative play. It began when Kahlan stopped Grant and said, "I'm playing house here. I'm the Mommy". He responded with "Can I be the baby?" She agreed, and they spent some time figuring out the space of the play- where the kitchen and bed were, and what the baby was allowed to eat. Kahlan said, "you can eat ice cream, but don't be messy!" As the game continued to revolve around the normal objects of the house, I was surprised to hear Grant ask, "where do you keep your weapons?" Kahlan did not miss a beat, responding "Oh you mean the bushing sticks?"

Grant: yes. Can I have one?

Kahlan: what's that in your hand?

Grant: (sadly) it's a sandwich (it was a stick)

Kahlan gave him another stick, which he was happy with.

Grant: what do bushing sticks do?

Kahlan: bad monsters, and fire, bushing sticks take care of that.

Grant: yay! I love bushing sticks. Is there a bed? I'm tired.

Kahlan: no!

Grant: but I'm tired.

Kahlan: fine. You can go to bed. But only for two minutes.

Grant walked off.

Kahlan: no, that's where the fire is! Sleep here!

Grant pretended to go to sleep.


Grant: yay!

Kahlan: now sit in the chair, the fire comes in six minutes. The fire needs to eat the fire's lunch first. When the fire comes, Grant and Mommy will protect you (Marcela). You are two and can not use the bushing sticks. You (Grant) are old enough.

Grant : yay! Can I put my bushing stick on the ground like this?

Kahlan: no.

Grant: can I put my bushing stick up in the air, like this?

Kahlan: no. Do it like this.

Grant: Ok, I got it.

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