Conversations with Evelyn


Today, Evelyn opened a salon for acorns, where I was fortunate enough to act as her assistant. Evelyn gave the acorns haircuts, washed them, dried them, and even put their "hats" back on them. While we were working, this sweet conversation took place... Evelyn: "How old are you?"

Bethany: "Interesting question. How old do you think I am?"

Evelyn: "5!"

Bethany: "How old are you?"

Evelyn: "5."

Bethany: "Well, we are not the same age, so do you think I'm older than you or younger than you?"

Evelyn: "Older."

Bethany: "How much older than you do you think I am?"

Evelyn: "60 years!"

Bethany: "Good guess! I'm not quite that much older - let me give you a hint. I'm more than 20, but less than 30."

Evelyn: "Ohhhhh. 21?"

Bethany: "Higher."

Evelyn: "22?"

Bethany: "Higher."

Evelyn: "23?"

Bethany: "Higher"

This conversation proceeded until Evelyn finally guessed how old I am, and we celebrated with fresh haircuts for loads and loads of acorns!

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