Bella and Immi: working together

This afternoon Immi made a big find in the creek bed: a completely intact jar! She began to make a potion in it. She was quite choosy with the size of leaves that she would put in the jar. Bella was nearby and she offered suggestions that sometimes met Immi's qualifications and sometimes did not. Soon Immi decided that she needed berries to complete the potion. But there was a problem: all the low berries had already been picked. She looked and saw berries hanging, just above her reach. She then seemed to notice that Bella is taller than her.

Immi asked, "Are you bigger than me?"

Bella: yeah

Immi: well how old are you?

Bella: I am four

Immi: But I'm five

Bella: I want to be five

Immi: are you really taller?

Bella showed her, by putting her hand on the top of Immi's head and taking it over to her own body, and showing that she is indeed quite a bit taller! Both girls laughed.

Immi: can you get me those berries?

Bella found that she had to grab on to the branch and hang backwards to apply enough pressure to bring the berries close enough for Immi to pick. It took a lot of effort, which Immi recognized.

Immi: I'm almost done, then you can let go, Bella!

Bella: good, 'cause this is hard!

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