Beetle Sighting by Elena & Luke


”When I was turning around looking for tadpoles I was about to go out to the pavilion when I saw a bright blue beetle crawling on log. I screamed when I saw it. And said, ”Mr. Pat, come here!” And Ms. Bethany and Mr. Pat came over, and by the time I got back Luke had captured the bright blue beetle and put it in a jar. The beetle was pretty large. And then Luke let it out. And it was a little bit creepy. Ohhhhh that is cool. He has dark blue legs! I honestly screamed when I saw it! It looks like it’s waving.“ - Elena

”It is walking on the log. Wow it is so cool! I captured it, and then I let it free, and then I captured him again! Look, I caught him! He’s climbing on the bottle. He is jumping, he is jumping!

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