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Art in the Wild Woods - Tuesday Jan 10, AM & PM

Last week, Silas was very interested in recreating a rock art image he had seen. I took this inspiration to have all the children create their own rock art. Throughout the week, the children collected rocks, washed and dried them to prepare for the project. I brought in laminated construction paper to use a background. The children used their collected rocks to create images and structures. After they were complete, I photographed them and printed them out using a pocket printer. We will be continuing this project Monday (weather permitting). In addition, I usually have paper and materials to draw or color, this week we had paper and crayons.

Christian- A Goose, Emmett- A Fish, A Golden Fish, Georgia- An Elephant, A Dog, A Mushroom, A Duck, Kinley- A Lizard, Phillip- A Guy, Jameson- (I didn't write it down)

August- A Mountain with a Fish Sculpture on top, Atsuya- It looks like and i, Dolly- A Flower, Gus- Igloos stacked on top of each other, Ophelia- A Pterodactyl, Oscar- An Airplane, Sawyer- A Cro-Magnon Den, Silas- A Person Walking up a Mountain

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