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Art in the Wild Woods Monday March 20, AM & PM

With the drastic weather change from 9am -3pm, there were a variety of art activities throughout the day. Since it was very chilly in the morning, we started a fire and created a few more rainbow crayons. Using hammers, the children smashed the crayons into smaller pieces then placed them in a muffin tin. Some children also worked with the hammers to create art using hammers, nails and rubber bands.

Once it warmed up a bit, we brought out the paint. No brushes today! We painted using pine cones. To promote color mixing, we had three trays with 2 primary colors and white. The children were amazed to see the different shades they were able to create. (The morning paintings were still very wet so I will bring them back next week to pass out.)

We also continued the flower blossom branches that some children created last week. First they each collected a stick from the wild woods. Next they chose from using tissue paper cut into flower shapes, or the coffee filters we painted in the rain a few weeks ago. They folded and crumbled them into flower shapes and then hot glued them onto the branches. The children also used the paint makers to add details to the branches and flowers. Louisa discovered that the tissue paper looked like a butterfly shape. She created a butterfly by attaching a stick, head and antenna. A few children were interested, so she was able to show them how to create one of their own.

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