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Art in the Wild Woods Mon Jan 23, AM & PM

Today was our first art in the snow day! The children explored painting with watercolors on snow. We used trays to hold the snow to create on. Using brushes, the children experimented with the colors mixing on the snow. Later, the children were creating snowballs, I offered them the paints to add some color. This transformed it into snow as sculpture with paint with snow babies, snowballs and ducks.

A second activity today was creating bird feeders. We used pinecones, covered them in shortening and rolled them in bird seed. These were tied to a gathered stick. Once they were complete we raised it into the trees for the birds to eat safely. By the afternoon class, there were quite a few birds flying around. We can't wait to check on them tomorrow to see if they ate it all.

We also took read the new copy of It Looked Like Spilt Milk created earlier this year. The children were able to see their paintings turned into a book. There is a copy for the children to read in the pavilion, I am still working on the digital copy for families.

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