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Art in the Wild Woods- Mon Jan 16- AM & PM

This week we were continuing to create rock art sculptures. Throughout the week, the children collected rocks, washed and dried them to prepare for the project. I brought in laminated construction paper to use a background. The children used their collected rocks to create images and structures. After they were complete, I photographed them and printed them out using a pocket printer. This project is a great example of incorporating technology into the Wild Woods. The children also explored drawing with crayons and oil pastels. Towards the middle of class, Grace was asking to use the crayons to color on the trees, but luckily I had the paint markers which would work much better. The children were coloring on the trunks and then decorating the rocks from the rock art project.

Colton- A shark, Fiona- A princess, Ethan- Mommy & Daddy, Elaine- Mommy, Daddy and Me, Everett- Firetrucks & a house on fire, Henry- A turtle, Finn- Daddy playing Minecraft, Astrid- A volcano

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