Art Afternoons! Wed Nov 17, 2021

Ms Bethany's and Ms Marcella's Turkeys

This afternoon, the children worked with a variety of natural materials to create a "Turkey" Using pine cones as the base, the children were able to add a felt head and beak and googlie eyes. (Who can resist googlie eyes!) Next they were able to choose from materials such as lambs ear, pine needles, seed heads from ornamental grasses, leaves, dried petals etc. We used school glue and hot glue to secure everything. If your child's turkey lost a few "feathers" during the trip home, scavenge your own yard for materials to add to it! Ms. Bethany did win the award for most scavenged items.

For an alternate project, children used cardboard as a background to draw with the acrylic paint markers and glue on any of the materials from above. I love to see the creativity the children have when given the same materials.

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