Art Afternoons Wed Dec 1, 2021

This afternoon, the children worked together to create a hanging art piece for the Wild Woods. First the children searched the Wild Woods for the right sized branch to start with. Using pipe cleaners, string, beads, bells and plastic lids, the children created various hanging items to add to the large branch. (We hung it from the teepee structure while working on it.) Children were able to create patterns using the beads or add details to the lids using acrylic paint markers. (The acrylic paint markers have been a favorite! They are so easy to use and the paint lasts through the weather. The materials (rocks or trees) should be dry to allow the paint to stick)

Unfortunately I forgot to get a picture of the finished product, but take a walk to the bridge to the Wild Woods and look up! The first one is the older on from last year that will be taken apart and reused soon. The second one is the one created this year.

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