Art Afternoons! Tues Sept 14 and Mon Sept 20

First I just wanted to say how excited I am to share my love of art and nature with your children! The first week we painted rocks to hide in the Wild Woods. (although some children made extra to bring home) We used clean, dry rocks and painted designs using acrylic paint pens. I brought most of the rocks from home but Lahae loved to search for some interesting shaped rocks for us to use. Thanks! James found and interesting object he asked if he could paint. I love when the children expand on the art projects.

The second week we experimented with leaf rubbings and watercolors. First the children used crayons to make imprints of the leaves gathered. Next they added details with watercolor paints.

*Not every child wants to participate each week (or they are not here everyday) so I bring the activity a second time to give the children another chance to participate.

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