Art Afternoons! Oct 27 and Nov 1

Last week we created bird feeders from pine cones. After tying a string on the pine cone, the children covered them in shortening (you can also use peanut butter if there are no allergies) next the pine cones were covered in bird seed and hung from the trees.

The children also used a variety of art materials to color a Halloween ornament. (Some children asked were I got them, they are simple woodcut ornaments from Amazon, but I have also seen them at the dollar tree.) The children used regular makers, acrylic paint pens and watercolor paints to add details to the wood.

This week, we created art using leaves. The children looked at the book Leaf Man and Look What I Did With a Leaf for inspiration. Some children created leafman or other animals from the book while some just experimented with their own ideas. (If gathering leaves at home, make sure to dry and flatten them between newspaper and books for a few days before creating.)

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