Art Afternoons! Mon Oct 11, 2021

On Monday afternoon, the children of the Wild Woods explored working with clay. I brought in clay that I had made from dirt in my yard and my mom's yard. Different sources produce different types of clay. It's a simple process that I showed the kids how to do as well.

First, dig up a bunch of dirt, fill a bucket about halfway. Next add water and mix. (This is the fun messy part.) After all the clumps are broken up strain it through a sieve (which is just a fine mesh strainer) into another bucket. You can do this multiple times. Finally strain it into a pillow case and hang to drain. It usually take a day or so depending on the weather. The water will drain out and the clay will be left in the pillowcase.

The children were able to create sculptures using their hands, string and brushes. Some children gathered materials from the wild woods to incorporate such as berries, sticks and leaves.

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