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A recap so far (AM and PM).

This year at The Wild Woods has been filled with excitement and adventure. The children have become very comfortable with the space and engaged in very rich play. We have seen the children learn to work with one another and navigate conflict as it arises. Often times at the beginning of the year we witness Parallel Play, when children are doing something similar near or next to one another but not actually working with each other, which is a normal in a child's development when looked at through play. We have noticed the development of Cooperative Play, which is when the children work with one another to set rules and a framework for what it is they are doing so they can actually work together. This may not seem like much to most people, but this is an essential skill that little ones need to develop to learn to flourish throughout life.

The children have also seen every kind of weather and have made the most of it along the way! Our year began with a number of hot days, which provided the space for the kids to get wet and splash around the creek as they explored The Wild Woods. As fall set in, we had a chance to see the leaves change and fall and see all the changes take place. Although the transition was not as prolonged as some, the children enjoyed the cooler weather. Some of the children were still very curious about the creek and were still getting soaking wet! We allowed this to happen as a means to let them realize that as it gets colder it can be quite uncomfortable to be so wet! Now that winter is setting in, most of our children have begun to stay out of the creek because they don't want to be soaking wet in the cold weather!

We appreciate your patience with us as we have needed to work out the kinks in the blog, but you will now be able to check back on a regular basis to find photos and stories about what your children are up to!

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